KATHRIN HIESELMAYR makeup and hair

Kynda Gray - Fucked Up //directed by Adam Munnings // styling by Bass // hair and makeup by me

El Nino Diablo - Shadow Dancer published through Kaltblut // directed by Adam Munnings // styling by Bass Jjoorr // hair by Matthew Botakis and Marie Pilgram // makeup by Darja Crainiucenco and me

PALMU - Housewife //directed by Anna Palmu & Alex Wiebrecht // styling by Marianka Benesch & Anna Palmu // hair and makeup by me

produced by teammergo // directed by Mergo Cenaj // creative direction by Fafa // styling by Whitney Kiala // hair by hair by Awa // makeup by Kathrin Hieselmayr

Xanah - Break My Legs //directed by Adam Munnings // styling by Ruby Wilson // hair by Marie Pilgram // makeup by me

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